Blossom Initiative | Kosha Rakholia & Riya Sagar

April 12, 2018


Behind the Brand





Kosha is a freshman at Chapman University, studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and minoring in Health Sciences. She has a wide variety of activities that she likes to occupy her time with, ranging from dance to yoga. As a huge food enthusiast, she is always eager to try exotic eateries. On top of that, she has a deep passion for exploring new places and gaining authentic experiences to which she attributes key components for the idea of Blossom Initiative.



Riya is a freshman at Chapman University, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and a minor in Environmental Science. Her life is encompassed with music and the many ways at which one can express it. Dancing is a huge part of her life, and its simplicity to which how it is so frequently presented in differently is of vast amazement to her. Blossom Initiative revolves around overcoming differences and finding universal elements, like dance, that can bridge cultures together. 





Blossom Initiative



Kosha and Riya co-founded Blossom Initiative, a company striving to raise cultural awareness through stickers, tees, and other merchandise. Founded in December 2017, the concept behind the brand begun with an idea. Kosha realized she kept a distinction between her Indian heritage and American way of life. Thus, instead of keeping two extremely significant parts of her life separate, she sought to fuse them together. 




“If you have an idea that you are passionate then do everything in your power to pursue it. College is the perfect time to experiment and learn from experiences. Collaborate with like minded people and gather resources to make your dream turn into reality."


- Kosha Rakholia




With a vision at the verge of realization, Kosha approached Riya, and together, the partnership that became the planted seed of Blossom Initiative; was ready to grow to its fullest potential.



The floral-centric company centers its designs around flowers, having each culture be represented by a flower that is prominent in that area. For example, the Day of the Dead, a significant festival in Mexico, is represented by the Marigold which symbolizes the fragility of life and cherishing every moment. Therefore, it was most appropriate to use the marigold to represent Mexican culture.




“Finding something you love is easy, but finding something you’re passionate about is a whole other thing. It’s the small things that stay true to your values, hopes and dreams. And if along the way you find that you need help, never be afraid to ask.”


– Riya Sagar




Blossom Initiative believes that the flowers symbolize growth and similarly hope to help people grow their mindsets. April 10th, 2018 marks the official launch of the brand, and the two partners could not be more proud of their achievement.



Blossom Initiative launched on April 10th, 2018. You can check out their website here.
















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